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Hey everybody in case you didn’t know, and judging by our analytics you don’t, the Frame Center has a Podcast!
We’ve done interviews with some popular local artists like Mike Sleeper, Sean Goss, Karen Cass, Mary Gilmartin, and Bettina Lesieur. But wait, there’s more! We also got to sit down with Melissa Smith of Hale Bone Broth and the Hanovers Farmers Market as well as Janine Alpert of Sable Boutique to discuss their partnerships and patronage with the Frame Center.
So when you have a minute take a listen and leave a comment below. Let us know what you’d like to hear about or if you have any questions for our guests. We work regularly with them and love to let them know your thoughts.

The Frame Center Podcast, available on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, or here at https://the-frame-center-podcast.castos.com/
Frame Center
Frame Center
Frame Center
When naturalism combines with abstraction. An original painting by Joan Miró 🖼.

Inspirational gallery: framecenter.com/gallery/
Frame Center
Frame Center
Each frame changes your perception of focus in the painting. Which frame stands out to you?

The warmer frame and wide linen liner work with the areas that are lit whereas the darker grey frame changes the focus and adds to the shadowed of the painting.

Frame Center
Frame Center is at Frame Center.
Frame Center
Our artists are just as community based as we are! These pieces will be at the Beach Ball tomorrow in Duxbury, where all the proceeds are going to fund coastal resiliency efforts!🌊🏖
Frame Center
Frame Center
Best of luck to the top 25 entries that will be displayed at Untold Brewery in Scituate from Sept. 9th - 15th 🎉 🖼 👏! #igbostonsouthshore

🗓 A quick reminder about the opening reception on Sept. 10th at 5pm.
Frame Center
Frame Center
From landscapes to portraiture, Sean Goss remembers to hold on to his minimalistic approach when making his images 📷.

At the FC gallery, local artist and business owner of Goss Photo,
shares his various photography styles and his many film camera 🎞.


Listen to our conversation with Sean about his process, photography tips, and more.

1) Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5w6KFkcG9qpQX53JIbvzRh?si=nrujEu-cRumLVN_UDCjx7g

2) Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/casual-confabs-with-sean-goss-from-juror-to-photographer/id1638505050?i=1000575991359

The Frame Center Podcast 🖼🎧🎙🎛 is available to stream on ALL MAJOR PLATFORMS (Spotify, Apple Podcast App, & Youtube). Find us by searching for “The Frame Center Podcast”.

Frame Center
Sean Goss, photographer and owner of Goss Photos, talking about his new exhibit at FC Gallery. Over 20 years of experience, Sean shares about his minimalisti...


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A place to come and learn about the Art of Framing, join our new segment, The Frame Center Podcast 🖼🎧🎙🎛. Available to stream on ALL MAJOR PLATFORMS (Spotify Podcast App, & Youtube). Find us by searching for “The Frame Center Podcast”.

It has been a while, but we are building up the hype for #Hanoverday! Throwback to 2017 ☺️
(Curated by Karen Cass & Dina Brennan)
For more info: https://t.co/6RkodB7V3n https://t.co/5cdHdwapxk
Framecenterhan photo
Artist Spotlight: @donclaude__

Get to know Don Claude and his inspiration to make images in his community.

More about the artist: https://t.co/lo6ui00Uih
Closing reception: April 16th 1-3 PM
152 Rockland Street, Hanover, MA 02339

Do you know about our 2nd-floor gallery?
“I chews you, Valentine.” 🤍❤️

For more designs go to https://t.co/Anvz5WMiJi https://t.co/5fi7upFCvs
Framecenterhan photo
Do you have artistic Mobile images?

We invite photographers of all ages to submit their best mobile images for judging in a truly distinctive photography exhibition.

Entry period ends February 20th.

To enter: https://t.co/77mYajOhkH https://t.co/FnBypKtUso
Framecenterhan photo