Mark Slaven

Mark Slaven


From Hanover, MA

He has always loved the creative process. As his education progressed, art became a serious focus. Having received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Keene State College in both Painting and Sculpture, Mark was compelled to combine the two.

Through trial and error… and a bit of luck, he has discovered different ways to work towards his creative goals of merging these two art forms. Using a variety of materials, Mark breaks through the two-dimensional plane and creates a tactile work that the viewer can experience from many different angles. He hopes to elicit a visceral response from the viewer as they interpret his work in their own way.

Mark is not trying to answer life’s eternal questions.  He is not trying to make a grand statement.  He simply enjoys what he does and the mood that each piece evokes for him personally during the process. Outside his art practice, he is a Professional framer at Frame Center residing in Hanover with his wife and two sons.

“Glad to work with a team of artists and professionals at Frame Center” – Mark

For commissioned artwork email Mark at markartkart@yahoo.com