You have questions about your project, our process, or all things related to framing? We have answers.


At Frame Center, we pride ourselves on delivering the industry’s best, personalized, custom framing experience.

You have a question that you don’t see covered here, please call us, and a real-live-person will answer you! In a hurry, and prefer not to speak to someone? Send us an email and one of our framing consultants will get back to you within 24 hours.

How quickly can an order be completed?

All orders are generally completed in 5-10 days. If you need to put a rush on your order to be completed sooner we can almost always accommodate you. In the specific case of online orders, we would suggest choosing in store pick up to avoid the potential of third party delivery providers causing delays receiving your frame on time which is out of our control. Rush orders can be completed earlier but inventory must be checked to make sure all components for your order are on site before agreeing to an earlier completion date.

Can I order just parts to a frame?

Yes, frames, glazing or glass, matboard, backing materials, and hardware can all be ordered individually.

What if I need to change or cancel my order?

Orders are generally started about 24 hours after being placed. If you need to make some sort of change or cancel the order please contact us ASAP so that labor and materials are not wasted.

Can I get Gift Cards for your store?

You most certainly can. Gift cards can be issued for any amount that you might need.

I have a framing order that I placed with you before, can I duplicate it?

The short answer is not necessarily. Our computers keep track of your orders for such instances. We’ll know details, materials etc. that was used previously on your order, including any special instructions that were given for assembly and hanging.

Do you give quotes over the phone?

With all the options available to you its rather hard to pin point an exact price quote for you over the phone or through email. What we can do is get you a rough estimate of what something might cost by asking a few questions about your frame style, glazing choice, and if you would like matting or not.

What is your Returns Policy?

We don’t do returns on custom framing orders since these items are made to order but If your unhappy with your custom framing order for some reason contact us and we will do our best to make it right. On resale items such as photo frames and framed prints we can offer a store credit or an exchange assuming that the item is brought back in the condition it left the store in and this is done in a timely manner.

What are the store hours?

The Frame Center in Hanover is open Monday thru Friday from 10-6 and Saturdays 10-4. We are closed Sundays and all major holidays.

Is your work done on location?

Yes, all of our orders are assembled at our location in Hanover by our experienced team.

Do you use Acid-free materials?

All materials used in assembling your artwork are Acid-free unless specified by the customer not to be.

What types of Glazing do you have?

Our Glazings come in two categories, Acrylics and Glass. Each category has several variations available to them such as, Standard, Conservation Clear, Reflection Control, and Museum. All options other than the standard are U.V. Light Blocking which will help to preserve them and keep from fading.

What’s the difference between using Glass or Acrylic Glazing?

Glass is the most commonly used glazing for jobs that require protection. Glass can be used for art up to 40”x60” but becomes more fragile at the larger sizes . Acrylic has several uses that make it the better option over glass in the right circumstance. Acrylic doesn’t break in the same way that glass can, it tends to crack and fracture instead of breaking into small dangerous shards that can damage your artwork. It’s perfect for high traffic areas, restaurants, and sports displays. However Acrylic tends to generate a static charge making it glass a better option for charcoal and pastel artwork. The static will literally pull the image off the paper.

Does a painting on canvas require glass?

Typically no, but it there are ways to do it without having the glass rest against the painting itself. Traditionally most acrylics and oils are varnished to protect them allowing the artwork to breathe and not have build up of condensation and mold.

Can I have artwork mailed to your store to be framed?

Yes, you may. Our mailing address is 152 Rockland Street in Hanover, MA 02339. We would just ask that you contact us prior to let us know it is coming so we can be aware.

How large an item can you frame?

The largest piece that can be shipped would be 24”x36”. For in-store orders we can accommodate up to 48”x96”.

How do I assemble one of your ready-made frames?