About Us


The Center of “Custom Framing and Personal Relationships!”


Since 1975, The Frame Center has been providing exceptional custom framing experiences to eastern Massachusetts and beyond. We have become New England’s leader in custom framing by building relationships with our customers and with the local artist community. Offering unparalleled service and attention to every creative detail allows us to exceed customer expectations every time.


Whether you are framing a priceless masterpiece, your child’s latest creation or a treasured family heirloom, our team of experts will effortlessly guide you through the process, ensuring you achieve your vision using the finest quality materials at an affordable price.


Life doesn’t imitate art; life is art.


Moments are magical, and life is your own unique collection of moments.


Preserving your special memories — baby’s first finger painting, that breath-taking photo — is our calling.

Each print, canvas, and family heirloom is a piece of history. Your history. And we care for and frame them like masterpieces.

When you trust us with the most precious pieces of your life, it is our responsibility to provide a custom framing experience worthy of that trust.





Having grown up in the framing business – his father is the founder of Frame Center – Dave combines his love & appreciation for art with his obsession for creating exceptional framing projects. An award-winning artist himself, Dave has taken numerous classes at Mass Art and Museum School, and he applies his eye for design to each and every project. When he’s not cutting mouldings and backing prints, he may be found raising his two children, playing pick-up hockey throughout Massachusetts, and supporting his children’s love for the game.


Our in-house, self-proclaimed “Master of Finger Paints,” Mark has been a lifelong dabbler in various artistic mediums, but he nurtured his love of art attending Keene State College in New Hampshire and receiving a Fine Art degree in both Painting and Sculpture. Shortly after joining the Frame Center team in 2001, he realized he had found a new outlet for his artistic passions. Mark enjoys working with simpler and cleaner frame styles – mostly in basic black and white – to allow the artwork to speak for itself. His ability to think outside the box and come up with a solution that makes all of us say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” is one of Mark’s special talents. He takes pride in helping customers see their ideas come to fruition, and it shines through in his work.


With a lifelong appreciation for art and a love of pastels, especially bold, vibrant color or rich, deep tones that catch her eye, Tanya has nearly 16 years of custom framing experience. Tanya’s favorite part of the custom framing experience is watching it all come together – seeing each unique work assembled piece by piece, and finally the big reveal when the customer arrives to pick it up. Seeing the happiness on a customer’s face when they see the result of their collaboration with her is the most rewarding part of being a Framing Design Consultant.


Scott’s love of art and design began at a young age when he would draw his favorite cartoon characters from television and movies. Over the years, he perfected his art by attending Weymouth Vocational Technical program, taking watercolor classes, and later studying graphic design at Massasoit’s Visual Arts Program. Scott enjoys using his background in design to work consultatively with customers to create the perfect custom framing projects. When he’s not working with customers, Scott can be found experimenting in fluid acrylics and mixed media.


Jade’s years of studying at Montserrat College of Art further helped galvanize her passion for art, but it wasn’t until she joined the Frame Center team that she felt like she truly had an outlet to apply her talent. Since joining the team in 2018, Jade has become an integral, knowledgeable member of our team. Her understanding of what goes into creating original art allows her to provide insights to customers who come in with their own original pieces. Jade loves the frame design process, experimenting with what works and what doesn’t, in order to find the perfect aesthetic to complete each project.


Claude – a.k.a. “Don Claude” – is one of the newest members of the Frame Center family. His skills in photography are matched only by his infectious attitude that brings a smile to everyone’s face. His creative spirit and experimental attitude made him the perfect team member to establish our elevated social media presence. Having had a love for photography since high school, he built upon that passion earning a Master of Photography from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Claude loves the interactions between Frame Center customers and employees and is excited to be a part of that tradition.


With a fondness for various forms of art and an experimental personality, Dawn tried her hand at many different mediums in her early years, but it wasn’t until high school that her true passion for Photography would take hold. After high school, she attended The Center for Digital Imaging Arts to advance her photographic expertise. Dawn began her framing career working at Michaels, but seeing an opportunity for greater creativity, she joined Frame Center in the Spring of 2015. Whether it’s discussing a future framing project with a customer, or the reveal of a finished project at pick up, Dawn thrives on seeing the satisfaction of her Frame Center customers.


Christine – or Chris as we call her around here – has been an art lover since she was a little girl, when, at 8 years old, she was the only kid in an all-adult painting class. After earning a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from UMass-Boston and completing several graduate level classes, Chris went on to become an art educator. She continues to paint to this day, working with acrylics on canvas, painting local landscapes and still life pieces. Chris has been providing great customer experiences at Frame Center for over 25 years! When she’s not finding the perfect frame for a project, Chris can be found working in real estate.


Dina joined Frame Center in the Spring of 1999, and in that time, she’s built relationships with clients that transcend framing. Her knowledge of design, new products and creative thinking – expertise that can only come with years of experience – make her a master at finding the perfect solution for every project. Whether it’s an antique photo or historic document, an original by a beginner or a professional, modern or minimalist art, she’s always able to work with clients to design the perfect solution. Dina continues to practice her love of art outside of Frame Center – a passion that was passed on to her through her family. She is currently working in colored pencil, pen & ink, and watercolors.