Sergio Roffo

Sergio Roffo


Scituate, MA

Sergio Roffo uses his masterful painting techniques to paint stunning scenes of the majestic New England landscape – from its charming ocean coves in Maine to enchanting coasts on Nantucket. His work is a captivating sight, enriching us all with its beauty and wonder. He captures the unique beauty of each scene with precision; his artworks almost seem like portals into these places–magically beckoning us outdoors for fresh air adventures.


If you’re lucky enough to see him sketching en plein air on location or chasing after sunlight before it disappears along one horizon and reappears again – then consider yourself blessed indeed. His memberships with renowned organizations like The American Society of Marine Artists, Art Renewal Center’s “Living Masters,” and Guild of Boston Artists – make him a true master among his peers.

“Dave and the Frame Center have bailed me out of major deadlines by providing me with top-rated service when I needed it many times.” – Sergio Roffo
“The Frame Center is certainly a lifeline for me when I need a frame overnight.” – Sergio Roffo

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Exclusive signed paintings by Sergio Roffo at sergioroffo.com/works