Kelly Russo

Kelly Russo

Abstract Painter

From Scituate, MA

Having grown up in the vibrant cultural hub of Boston, Kelly was exposed to world-class art from an early age. Combining this with her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and Master’s in Art Education from MassArt, she seized every opportunity for international travel – getting inspired by artwork around the globe under seasoned professors and renowned artists alike.


After taking time off from her art to focus on family life, Kelly is back in the game with a fresh perspective and creative energy! She’s discovered an incredible artistic community near Boston that she connected to through both fellow artists and moms. Now it’s time for Kelly—and everyone else in this inspiring group of creators—to take their artwork further than ever before.

“Everyone who looks at Kelly’s abstract paintings sees something different. Her use of shapes to contain color juxtaposed with the free form of lines leads you to a location of the art you haven’t seen. “ – Dina B.