NRAS Festival Poster 1999 – Ann Marguerite Murphy



This is a beautiful poster from 1999 featuring the artwork of Ann Marguerite Murphy, a talented American artist who is still active today. Murphy has received numerous awards for her work, including the Fawcett Award for Humor from the North River Arts Society in 1993, and the Simms Marine Award in 1999. Her artwork has been exhibited in many galleries and art associations, including the Copley Society of Boston, and she is a member of several prestigious art organizations. This poster is a wonderful addition to any art collection and a testament to Murphy’s artistic talent and achievements.

Supporting the North River Art Society while displaying this lovely piece, you not only enhance your home, but also lend your support to the local art movement. Every purchase makes it possible for art to continue to flourish locally, upholding the rich culture of NRAS.  All proceeds generated from the sale of NRAS posters directly benefit the North River Arts community.


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