Xavier Collection Hammered Pewter


The most toned down hue of the Xavier Collection, the pewter molding is an exemplary choice for someone who wants the content within to pop out of the frame and not be sidetracked by a tertiary color. This frame holds a soft glow under direct light that warms the present colors, magnifying the subtle tones of the entire piece.


Painted on the front with lavish metallic finishes, the Xavier collection tastefully affixes images within; allowing the viewer’s eye to come into the picture plane courtesy of the distressed scoop design that sloped the face of the frame toward the subject.  The traditional black exterior makes sure no focus is taken from the picture, as the lacquer is meant to amplify the colors within. There hand-crafted readymade frames are dependable and charming, like their namesake Francis Xavier.


4×6, 5×5, 5×7


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