How to Easily Create an Eclectic Wall Gallery

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How to Easily Create an Eclectic Wall Gallery

An “eclectic” gallery mixes and matches different styles, trends, textures, and colors. Gallery walls are a fun opportunity to get creative in your home by combining personal artwork and photographs with newfound and repurposed treasures. Infusing color and patterns to your gallery adds a lively layer of sophistication into your space.

Projects like these can no doubt be overwhelming, but once you go for it, the process is rather simple and fun!

Begin by identifying pieces you have collected that need to be framed. Next, determine the space in your home you’d like to showcase your gallery wall. A well thought out wall can make a room feel fully inhabited and tell a story. It can show off who you and your family are and display some of the things that you really love.

Choose a Mixture of Pieces with Meaning

As you put together the collection of pieces for your wall, think about more than artwork, photos, and prints. Consider incorporating sentimental and cherished keepsakes to your display. You can also frame memorabilia items such as souvenirs and articles of clothing. Don’t forget about items such as postcards, maps, handwritten letters or recipes, notecards, vintage photos, mirrors, jewelry or other various objects and decor that can be placed amongst the framed pieces. The possibilities are endless!

Consider a Variety of Surfaces for Display

Not every framed piece has to be displayed on the wall. Using different surfaces can add depth and dimension to your space. Play with levels by incorporating leaning frames on pieces of nearby shelving and furniture or on the floor.

Pick Frames that Enhance Your Pieces

The frame should not compete with the piece that is on display. The goal of framing is to enhance the piece with a frame that draws you into it. Not every frame has to be fancy or fussy; clean and classic styles always make a perfect fit in any gallery wall.The focus is to be on your images. It’s great to mix and match frame styles, colors and sizes. Sticking with one color or tone of matting to tie all your pieces together can make the wall feel more deliberate. Have fun with it! Whether you mix vintage with modern, wood tones and metals, or keep your frames all the same color, but in different styles, there are no set rules to follow. Just go with what you love! And who says a unique frame has to have an image in it? You can play with empty frames as well. Look for opportunities to think outside the box!

Eclectic galleries are fun, creative, and easy to put up. Share your images of your eclectic gallery!