Dina Brennan

Dina Brennan

My love of color motivates me most in creating my art. I am endlessly caught up in the colors found and created in nature, no matter where I am in the world. Growing up and living in New England has been very influential because of the ever-changing seasons, the continuously moving landscape found along the coast and the way the light makes everything seem different from day to day. 


While studying Illustration at the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford, I had the opportunity to spend a semester abroad painting and creating in London.  I became more open-minded about mixing mediums and styles.


During my tenure at the Frame Center, I have enjoyed helping other artists display and present their art in a way that meets their personal style. I also have a certificate in Interior Decorating from The Art Institute in Brookline, MA. This has come into play many times over the years helping clients and even more so in framing my own artwork. 

Art on the wall, titled Playing with Sound and Color by Dina Brennan

“I have been working here since the spring of 1999, so 24+ years of framing experience!” – Dina

“Playing with Sound & Color”


A playlist was created to go along with this body of work


From Quincy, MA