Jenna Reedy

Jenna Reedy

My heart has always been close to the ocean and my work is driven by that love and respect.

Born and raised in a small fishing town, as far back as I can remember I have fished, painted and drawn fish. I have used a vast palate of things found in nature or borrowed from my environment to create in all forms. “Gyotaku” is Japanese for fish rubbing, which was used by fisherman to record their catch. This old art form connects my passion for fishing, art and home decor. Every fish caught comes with a fish story. In each unique print, I am hopeful to recreate these stories. The process for each fish is forever changing. Every series I experiment with colors, paper, textiles, mediums and framing. My style is the grey area between abstract and real. The technique starts with painting a real fish, I then rub cloth or paper over the fish to create a direct print. With each step, I try to stay true to the environment. When possible, fish are fileted and eaten, textiles are repurposed and discarded wood is recycled for framing. My prints can be about remembering the experience of reeling in a big catch, the smell of salt water or just being connected to nature. I love that they can spark on a whole new meaning or memory for each and every person.

Jenna Reedy, Mix Media Artist

From Norwell, MA

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