Jade Proule

Jade Proule

Drawing and creating has been a favorite pass time of Jade’s for as long as she can remember. She has always naturally gravitated towards the art departments in her schooling and, when it came time, it was a pretty easy decision to continue her learning at an art college. She graduated Montserrat College of Art and is currently based on the South Shore of Massachusetts. The subjects of her illustrations are typically plants, animals, and the occasional inanimate object. Jade’s pieces to give off a sense of whimsy along with a little bit of mystery, and she captures the feeling of a gentle, flowing movement within them.

“Working at the Frame Center has been a wonderful learning experience in regards to pairing my art with the appropriate framing options”


Jade’s work is wonderful, So whimsical. I really love the pieces I have in my home

-Tanya from FC

Jade is a talented artist who also is a member of the FC team!

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