Jade Proule

Jade Proule

Art has always been a part of Jade’s life. When the time came to consider colleges, she knew she wanted to make it a career and ended up attending Montserrat College of Art and then ultimately earning her BFA in illustration in 2018. Her medium of choice has changed over the years as these days Jade mainly creates 2D art digitally through Procreate as well as making 3D crafts with crochet. Her main goal is to make any form of art that sparks joy, not just for herself but for the viewer. She views her style as very cutesy working with bright colors, and occasionally likes to juxtapose that with some darker themes.

“As an employee of the Frame Center, I’ve come to love the local art community that we are apparent of, and I find myself constantly being inspired by the artwork that our customers bring in.”


Jade’s work is wonderful, So whimsical. I really love the pieces I have in my home

-Tanya from FC

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