Kelly Broderick

Kelly Broderick, an abstract artist and designer from Boston Massachusetts is a vibrant mixture of creativity, resilience and strength that she has cultivated over the years. As a young adult growing up, she found solace through her passion for art which was enhanced by studying design at Syracuse University followed by MASSART & The Museum school.


Kelly’s resilient spirit was put to the test when she faced hardships with caring for both her children and parents in 2017. During this difficult time, painting came as a refuge of self-expression; one that would ultimately become her primary focus when she took an Intuitive Abstract workshop through North River Arts Society just last year. This experience sparked something within Kelly – inspiring creativity and resilience – which remains at the core of who she is today as an artist.

“One of my favorite aspects of Kelly’s work is that there’s chaos but it’s calm enough to welcome feelings and vibes to resonate at each glance. I admire her technique to paint over entire sections to create new ways of seeing.” – Dina B.

Abstract Painter

From Scituate, MA