Laura Tryon Jennings

Jennings is a New England-based artist whose work captures intimate interior scenes surrounded by picturesque landscapes and coastal vistas. She evokes curiosity and subtle innuendo through a downward perspective, lush colors, and whispers of filtered light. Drawing from multiple art residencies in Provincetown, Jennings has an eye for incorporating environmental nuances that invite and transport the viewer into her world. Her work is among the collections of Harvard University, BlueCross Blue Shield, bestselling authors Mary Higgins Clark (family collection), Carol Higgins Clark (family collection), and Christina Baker Kline, Grammy award-winning singer Bruce Hornsby, and news reporter Joan Lunden.

“Always feels like I’m dropping in on welcoming friends when I open the Frame Center door.“ – Laura

 “Unlike most artists, Laura’s interior paintings feel lived in. Covers on the bed ruffled, books open, chair not pushed in evenly…” – Scott

Oil Painter

From Marshfield, MA


  • Art Complex Museum
  • Hope Floats Wellness and Healing Center

Exclusive signed artworks by Laura at ltryonjennings.com/paintings-portfolio