NRAS Festival Poster 2020 – Sergio Roffo



Sergio Roffo is a devoted supporter of the arts and his community, particularly the North River Art Society. His masterful painting techniques capture the enchanting beauty of the New England landscape, transporting viewers to each location with precision and wonder. As a member of renowned organizations like The American Society of Marine Artists and Art Renewal Center’s “Living Masters,” Roffo is a true master of his craft. His dedication to preserving the beauty of his surroundings through his art is a true inspiration.


Supporting the North River Art Society while displaying this lovely piece, you not only enhance your home, but also lend your support to the local art movement. Every purchase makes it possible for art to continue to flourish locally, upholding the rich culture of NRAS.  All proceeds generated from the sale of NRAS posters directly benefit the North River Arts community.


framed, unframed


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