This piece is perfect for any home or office as it evokes nostalgia and brings joy wherever it goes. Drawing on baseball’s rich history and iconic symbols, this still life painting incorporates a physical representation of America’s favorite pastime. The unique ode to baseball will have you feeling transported back to the good old days when the voice of Red Sox Joe Castiglione could be heard calling out over the radio. The bright colors and subtle details make this piece an eye-catching conversation starter and focal point in any space. If you want to add character to your décor, Spring is the perfect addition; its fun and light image will give your place a fun and inviting spirit, harkening back to simpler times.


Andrew is a very talented painter/artist who spent time working at the Frame Center as he fine tuned his painting skills. We are excited to be offering limited edition prints from a selected group of works that we proudly displayed in our second floor gallery space. All of Andrews prints are signed and numbered and exclusively available from the Frame Center. Editions are limited to runs of 25 images.


framed, unframed


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