Stars and Stripes Forever

Stars and Stripes Forever

Heading into summer each year, we as Americans experience a renewed sense of
patriotism. Memorial Day, the unofficial kickoff to the summer season, is often the first
time we in New England unfurl our American Flag after a long winter. With Flag Day and
then 4 th of July following quickly behind, the stars and stripes are everywhere you look.
Some buy new flags or bunting annually, while others display the same cherished
banners year after year to mark family traditions.

Sometimes those flags that have witnessed every 4 th of July celebration as far back as
you can remember start to show their age, but for sentimental reasons you may not
want to retire them. The best way to continue displaying Old Glory without worrying
about further damage is to frame your favorite flag. These flags may be tattered by wind
or faded from the sun, but they gain a distinguished, nostalgic look when mounted on a
fabric mat board. The addition of special glazing that hinders glare but provides UV
protection helps preserve the flag’s material in its current state at the time of framing.
Now the flag can be displayed year-round without the threat of further deterioration.

Or your beloved flag might be one that was never flown at all but presented to
commemorate a loved one’s service to our country. Funeral flags carry the burden of
loss while also celebrating the most patriotic act of serving one’s country. These
honorable flags are often placed in a triangular frame to accommodate the way in which
they are folded. However, these frames which can be bought online or at a craft store,
do not properly protect the material from natural aging. At Frame Center we do not offer
this type of framing because our equipment cannot cut the correct angles, but we can
create a mat with the appropriate triangular shape and build a frame to the proper
depth. In addition to the flag, we can incorporate other military memorabilia, such as
dog tags, medals, certificates, or names and dates to create a more complete

Military tribute flags are also more than worthy of framing. These flags are flown during
combat missions and are presented to an individual or organization along with a
certificate authenticating the type of aircraft on which it was flown and during which
mission. Framing such a flag is the best way to honor the bravery and heroism of the
crew who carried out the mission. Frame Center has had the honor of preserving many
of these symbolic flags along with the accompanying certificates. It is one small way to
pay tribute to those who risked everything to protect our freedom.

So, whether framing a flag for historic preservation or to memorialize a loved one’s
service, Frame Center will help you achieve something truly special. Our design
consultants take exceptional care when handling those things that you hold dear. The
result will stir feelings of patriotism, pride, and immense gratitude that words cannot fully
express. We are honored to help you pay tribute in this way to our country and those
who serve it.